10 most attractive destinations on the planet

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Lonely Planet has voted the 10 most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The places featured in the book “Ultimate Travel List” are also released by this travel company.

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The first name on the list is the ancient citadel of Petra (Jordan). Located in the heart of colorful rocky mountains, this famous Jordan destination is said to be one of the valuable cultural assets of mankind. The castle has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Much of Petra’s appeal comes from breathtaking vistas deep within the rock gorge.
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The second destination mentioned is the Galapagos Islands (South Pacific). This secluded archipelago was the inspiration for Darwin’s theory of evolution. Galapagos is named the most beautiful archipelago on the planet thanks to its diverse ecosystem, Galapagos Island is like a real-life laboratory with all kinds of exotic and rare marine creatures. Galapagos Island is separated from the mainland and home to many rare species of plants and animals in the world, including the giant Galapagos tortoise, pink iguanas (classified as endangered) and iguanas. yellow…
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Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Australia) is also rated as an attractive destination by Lonely Planet . One of the worthwhile experiences to visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta is to explore the holy mountain of Uluru. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is considered to be the sacred site of the Anangu tribe, who have lived there for over 30,000 years. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its natural and cultural values.
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Africa’s fourth longest river – Okavango, pouring into Botswana creates the Okavango Wetlands. When observed from afar, this place is like an oasis in the middle of the Kalahari desert.

Visiting Okavango swamp, visitors have the opportunity to observe the diverse life of rare animals such as buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles … or experience the serene, pristine scenery of river nature.

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Yellowstone National Park owns the largest volcanic system in North America, formed from eruptions hundreds of thousands of years ago. The ecosystem in the park is very rich, with many rare and precious wildlife, mountain peaks, hot springs, high mountain lakes … making this place one of the tourist destinations. America’s best known.
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Lake Bled (Slovakia) is one of the famous places in Europe with beautiful scenery like fairyland. This is an ice lake formed in the ice age. Surrounding the lake are majestic Julian Alps mountains and lush green forests. In the middle of the lake is a naturally floating island. Visitors can sit on pletna wooden boats to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the lake.
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Iguazu is a waterfall located on the Iguazu River, on the border of Paraná state (Brazil) and Misiones province (Argentina), recognized as New World Natural Wonders in 2011. It owns a system of 275 waterfalls, including Devil’s Throat waterfall is 80 meters long.
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Famous landmarks in Southeast Asia also appear in the list of the most attractive destinations on the planet. The temple complex of Angkor is considered the largest religious monument in the world. These ancient tower temples were built in the 12th century and are still intact.
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Stretching about 10,500 km2 at an altitude of 3,656 m in the Andean Plateau (Bolivia), the Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt field in the world. This is the most famous tourist destination of Bolivia. Walking on the largest salt field in the world, visitors sometimes encounter scattered volcanoes, forming prominent black dots in the white landscape. The most famous of these is the mountain dubbed “the house of the Incas”. The best time to visit Salar de Uyuni is right after the rainy season (from December to March). During this time, the lake surface has a thin layer of water, forming a large mirror, reflecting everything and clouds.
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The final destination on the list is Annapurna Circuit (Nepal). This place attracts mountain climbing enthusiasts. Along the trekking Annapurna Circuit, visitors will cross the snow-capped Thorung La mountain all year round. Annapurna Circuit is considered a famous trekking road in Nepal, challenging visitors who love adventure travel.

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