400 year old maple tree in Japan

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The old maple tree in a temple on Mount Raizan (Fukuoka, Japan) attracts visitors to visit at the end of the year during the leaf changing season.

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The ancient Raizan Sennyo-ji Daihio Temple is home to ancient maple trees over 400 years old. The pagoda was built in 725, is the place to keep the thousand-handed Quan Am wooden statue of nearly 5 meters high and many ancient Buddha statues.
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One of the things that attracts visitors to the temple is the old maple tree. In November-December every year, the tree is in the changing season of leaves, wearing a bright red color.
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Raizan Sennyo Temple is located in Fukuoka, in the southernmost part of Japan, welcoming autumn later than some other regions. The temple is open to visitors from 9-16:30 daily, with an entrance fee of around 400 yen.
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The old maple tree in Raizan Sennyo has a wide canopy, covering a temple courtyard. The people of Fukuoka consider this a natural symbol. In the temple there are about 200 other large and small maple trees in the season of changing leaves.

The area where the stone sitting Buddha statue is placed also attracts visitors to the pagoda.
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Visitors who want to experience quiet, peaceful Japan normally choose this place. The temple is located about 10 km from the center of Itoshima city. 
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Visitors from Itoshima City can travel here by self-driving car, train or bus. The nearest train station is a 5-10 minute walk from khoarg pagoda. Visitors can come here in summer to enjoy the cool air or to see red maple leaves in autumn. 

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