7 abandoned castles in the world

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Once known for their wealth, many castles around the world are now in ruins. Their beauty is a testament to their past glory.

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Kilchurn Castle, Lochawe, Scotland: In the 13th century, Kilchurn Castle was an energy center of Scotland. At the end of the 16th century, the castle was transformed into a garrison that could hold 200 soldiers. In 1760, a fierce storm swept through the castle, seriously damaged and abandoned to this day.
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Ha Ha Tonka Castle, Missouri, USA: Entrepreneur Robert Snyder dreams of building a castle in European style in Missouri, USA. He started to build the building in 1905. After his death, the sons continued to do so. Until 1920, the project was completed. However, in 1942, the castle was burned down by a fire.
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Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, India: The 16th-century Golconda Fort is west of Hyderabad, South India. The work stands on top of a 120 m high hill. In 1867, the fortress fell into the hands of the Mughal army and was no longer repaired. The ruins are testament to the wealth of the diamond trade and the strength of the Indian empire.
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Poenari Castle, Wallachia, Romania: Poenari Castle in Wallachia, Romania, was first built in the 13th century at an altitude of 800 m. The castle began to be damaged and gradually ruined in the 17th century due to lack of repair. The earthquakes of 1888 and 1913 caused additional damage to the castle. Today the restoration is carried out and the castle becomes a tourist attraction.
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Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire, England: In the 14th century, Old Wardour Castle was built by Count John Lovell after he got married. During the civil war of 1643, the castle was attacked and partially destroyed. Old Wardour is now a British Heritage and is open to tourists.
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Montearagón Castle, Huesca, Spain: Initially, Montearagon Castle was built to help conquer the Huesca region, northern Spain. Later this place was returned to the Augustino monks for use in 7 centuries. In the 19th century, Montearagon was used to contain gunpowder and was destroyed by an explosion. Since then, it was in ruins and abandoned.
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Spis Castle, Zehra, Slovakia: Spis Castle dates back to the 12th century when the area was part of the Hungarian feudal state. In 1780, Spis was completely destroyed by a fire. After World War II, the castle was restored by the Slovak state. In 1993, Spis was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the top tourist attraction.

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