A couple of 12 years taking their children to travel the world

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Right from the moment of birth, the three children have been taken by their parents to many places and there is always a balance between traveling and studying.

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Marlene and Dan Lin met during college. They bought a home in Ventura, California and followed the “traditional lifestyle” until their first child was born. At that time, Dan was a website developer and Marlene was a medical data analyst. Almost all couples don’t have time and stop traveling when they have children, Dan and Marlene do the opposite. The two feel that they have to take responsibility for their child. And that responsibility is for the kids to see everything in the world.
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The couple decided to make the first trip as soon as the baby was born. Traveling with a child has trouble carrying a stroller, car seat and toy. In the end, they decided to buy a camping car in 2008 to make commuting easier. “It keeps us together and keeps others from raising our children,” says Marlene.
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They soon fell in love with the way of life and began journeying away from Ventura. From 2008-2012 they welcomed three children and spent 6-9 months a year on the road. After their trip across America, they found that the whole family preferred a nomadic lifestyle over staying in a traditional house in Ventura. In 2012, they sold the house and traveled full-time with their three children.
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As the kids get older, the space also becomes cramped. Therefore, they decided to buy a bigger car and invest more to make it a home worth living for 5 people. The car is designed so that every member can feel happy not being able to go out due to bad weather.
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When the kids reached school age, the couple stopped traveling full-time, settling in Los Angeles for the kids to go to school. After a few months, people get annoyed by being in one place for so long. And they set out again. The two sign up for their studies with a charter school, which is responsible for helping them set up home school schedules for the three children while the family is traveling. “During class, I am a teacher. After school, I’m friends. It was really difficult, ”said Dan.
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Over the years, they have been present in 32 countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, European countries, Turkey and Morocco. “For us, being close to family members is the most important. You don’t need to have too many things, you don’t need a lot of space. You just need to have things that are important to you. “Dan said.

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