A scene of a sea of ​​clouds covering the highway in China

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This image of the lanes surrounded by clouds and fog was taken on October 22 at an elevated intersection in a valley in Jantou, a district-level city in Hunan province, China. The sight of a winding road appearing from a sea of ​​clouds is spectacular.
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This is an overpass connecting Vinh Thuan – Cat Thu expressway and Bao Dau – Mau Danh expressway. Vinh Thuan – Cat Thu Expressway has 4 lanes, with a main road of nearly 85 km, 106 bridges and 14 tunnels. This infrastructure is considered the most difficult highway construction project in Hunan.
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The other is a highway connecting the cities of Bao Dau (Inner Mongolia) and Mau Danh (Guangdong). Currently, many sections on the expressway are still under construction. When completed, this route will have a length of 3,017 km.
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Built on concrete pillars rising out of the valley, the bridge’s architecture becomes even more prominent and impressive between clouds and mountains. White clouds undulating like waves stretched to the horizon. While deep blue mountain peaks rise above, like islands in the white ocean.
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In different camera angles, the scene brings its own breathtaking beauty. Sea of ​​clouds and mist when dim, sometimes rising, obscuring all scenes. This beautiful natural phenomenon always inspires creative enthusiasts. However, with vehicles traveling on the overpass, cloud cover and fog can be dangerous. Drivers are blocked from view and are at risk of an accident.

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