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Where people make salt from clay

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Not produced from seawater, the villagers of Teguidda-n-Tessoumt in the Sahara desert have a very special tradition of making salt. About 200 km northwest of the city of Agadez (Niger), the small village of Teguidda-n-Tessoumt has about 50 families. The population here usually increases or decreases with the seasons. They are


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As a country on the east coast of Africa, home to the highest mountain Kilimanjaro on the black continent (5,895 m), Tanzania attracts any visitor because of its wild natural scenery and unique cultural features. During a business trip to Tanzania in October 2019, when the translation of Covid-19

Isolated land in Africa

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Lake Abbe has a desolate landscape, fancy limestone blocks. With the geothermal activity going on, scientists predict this place will spawn a new ocean. Lake Abbe stretches on the Ethiopian – Djibouti border and is surrounded by a arid desert. This place is one of the most special and inaccessible waters