Giant hand in the woods of Wales

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Hidden deep in the forest, “Vyrnwy’s Giant Hand” is a work of art shaped from the remains of Wales’ tallest tree.

Free hand of Vyrnwy Mr. 3
The smooth change between the rough bark and the smooth arms makes one feel like a giant trying to rise. This giant hand carved from the remains of the tree was once considered the tallest tree in Wales.
No worries of Vyrnwy brother 6
“I started researching this place and noticed that the forest was known as” The Giants of Vyrnwy. “This made me think and decided to choose a hand that represents the giant, then effort to show the image of hands reaching to the sky, “O’Rourke explains about the idea of ​​creating the piece.
Free hand of Vyrnwy Mr. 7
To create such an impressive work, the artist must have the right tools and a persistent work ethic. “I needed a scaffold to work safely and the terrain was so tough it took 2 days to erect it. 6 days of stressful work I used a chainsaw and a grinder. I also needed 2 more. piece of wood for the thumb and little finger, because the tree was not large enough to form a whole hand, “O’Rourke recalls.
No worries of Vyrnwy brother 8
Once completed, O’Rourke coated the sculpture with an environmentally-safe, natural plant-based oil. He named the statue “Vyrnwy’s Giant Hand”.

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