Hundred years old thatched roof village in Japan

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Miyama Kayabuki is a beautiful old village nestled in the valley of the Yura River. Coming here, you can go back in time and enjoy a taste of old Japanese countryside.

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Miyama Kayabuki Village, surrounded by an arc of mountains about 1,000 m high, is famous for its ancient, peaceful beauty. The village is about 50 km from the ancient capital of Kyoto, gathering unique thatch-roofed houses, most of which are surrounded by gardens. Residents live by gentle and honest farming. 
Walking around the village, visitors can enjoy the fresh and close atmosphere of the rustic thatched roof houses alternating between the green hills. On the way, you can see wild flowers or a garden filled with vibrant colors. 
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Many houses in the village were built hundreds of years ago, during the Edo period (1603-1868). The thatched roof is about 40 cm thick, making the indoor air cool in summer and warm when winter comes. However, the house is prone to fire and the roof often leaks, so villagers have to change their roof often. 

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