Japanese grass hills turn red when autumn

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On the autumn days, Japanese people and international visitors come to the crimson Kochia grass hill to save the memorable moment.

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Kochia is a special kind of grass, also known as burnt grass or bush. In autumn, Kochia turns red, giving off a feeling of burning fire. The scientific literature also shows that on dry days, Kochia grass is very flammable. This grass is often grown as an ornamental. 
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This grass starts to change color from July and is most vibrant when it turns October. When the grass hill turns red, the park is almost always crowded. Finding a place to take photos is not easy.
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The best time to admire Kochia grass hill is at dawn or dusk. The golden sunlight covers the red grass hill, creating a romantic scene, making people feel disturbed. 
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Right next to Kochia grass hill, visitors can also admire the gentle beautiful Cosmos flowers. The combination of 3 colors (red, white, pink) of the two flowers makes the small corner of Hitachi Park beautiful like a garden of paradise. 
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Kochia has a color change from time to time. If you want to see Kochia in yellow, you should come in late October. Kochia is the most brilliant in mid-October. Blue and red appear around early October. The rest of the year, Kochia is blue. leaves.
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Kochia is famous in Japan but originated in Southern Europe and imported to cherry country through China. Kochia produces small, edible seeds. They are Akita prefectural specialties. However, Kochia in Hitachi Park is only grown for ornamental purposes. 
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In addition to Kochia, Hitachi Park also has many beautiful flowers for visitors to admire. Around mid-April to early May, the park was engulfed in the blue of Nemophila flowers. On the last occasion of May, the beginning of June was the ascendance of irises. In the last days of February and the beginning of March, Ume plum blossoms cover everywhere.

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