Natural scenery in Iran in autumn

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The red, yellow, green, lake surface and pristine white snow paint a peaceful picture of Iran’s autumn, ecstatic travelers.

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Trees change leaves in autumn Iran

Iran is the second largest country in the Middle East, an attractive tourist destination because of its long-standing culture, impressive world heritages and pristine natural landscapes of the mountains and deserts. Cities like Shiraz and Isfahan are full of beautiful Islamic architecture that makes you seem to forget that Iran is also blessed by nature. This Asian country has 4 seasons in a year with characteristic scenery. Autumn is the time when nature wears a charming shirt with red, yellow, orange, brown, green colors … Shrubs of shrubs, cherry trees, thin forests change leaves, color the city landscape. , deserts to valleys, mountains and hills. Standing in the midst of the breathtaking nature here, visitors can not help but admire the different beauty of autumn. You can explore Iran’s alluring autumn in October-November.

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The colorful paradise hidden in the mountain

Iran’s northern mountains are peaceful, behind the mountains. Visitors exploring autumn in this land can choose to trekking to the Alamut valley, located about 100 km from the capital Tehran. Alamut is known as the “valley of assassins” with a thrilling medieval history, a 1,000-year-old castle and a legend of assassins. The landscape in Alamut is also an indispensable thing, with snowy peaks, lush green valleys, majestic gorges and small villages on the slopes. Especially in the autumn season, the vibrant colors of the trees and leaves bring out the breathtaking look that makes people feel even more beautiful. At this time, the temperature here drops rapidly, the weather is often drizzling, cold winds, visitors mainly come to the beginning of the season or bring thick clothes. The road from Qazvin through the valley of Alamut is winding,

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