Nearly 10,000 USD to stay in the only castle hotel in Japan

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Ozu Castle is what gives you the experience of living as a medieval lord. Especially, this is also the only castle in Japan that allows visitors to stay overnight.

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Ozu Castle is located in Ozu Town, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. This is a newly opened hotel offering visitors many fascinating experiences like ancient lords. Surrounding the castle is the peaceful town of Ozu and the beautiful river Hiji.
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Built in 1617, this is one of the few castles made entirely of wood in Japan. The castle has 4 floors with elegant historical architecture, although it has been restored many times.
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Like many rural towns in Japan, its population has declined dramatically in recent decades. Therefore, to restore its glory in the past, the town has turned the old houses into hotels and villas for rent, including Ozu Castle.
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Visitors to the castle will have a special experience right from the moment they arrive. The welcoming team dressed as medieval soldiers will greet you with the sound of a shell horn, a flag waving, and a series of welcome guns.
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After the grand welcome, guests will enjoy the kagura, a traditional dance. The performers of this sacred dance usually wear white shirts, white tabi, and red masks.
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Dinner is served in one of the four turrets on the castle grounds, with traditional fine dining. The turrets are original, having been in existence for the past four centuries. After dinner is the evening watching the moon, drinking sake together and reciting poetry.
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The old houses around the castle are also used to bring guests to stay. These are all houses that have been carefully restored, with a team of professional receptionists and hotel staff.
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Some old palaces in town are also convincing to welcome visitors. Each time the town will welcome no more than 30 people, of which only 6 people can stay at the castle.
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When you wake up in the morning, you will be greeted at Garyu Sanso, a historic villa by the cliff with a tea room overlooking the Hiji River.
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Some interesting activities of the town are also offered to visitors, including traditional fishing on the river. The fee charged by each person will vary, with the highest being that visitors to the castle will pay 100,000 yen (21.7 million dong).

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