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As a country on the east coast of Africa, home to the highest mountain Kilimanjaro on the black continent (5,895 m), Tanzania attracts any visitor because of its wild natural scenery and unique cultural features. During a business trip to Tanzania in October 2019, when the translation of Covid-19

Newton’s apple tree, nearly 400 years old, still bears fruit

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In the front garden of the scientist’s Lincolnshire mansion, the famous apple tree – which supposedly helped Newton devise the law of universal gravity – still flowered, bearing fruit. Newton’s apple tree has a special place in the history of science. Legend has it that, in 1665, after graduating from

The forgotten towns of the world

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With a ruined and ruined space, the following locations attract tourists, photographers and film crews from around the world. Bodie, California is a gold mining town in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. This site once had more than 10,000 people during the gold digging period. There used to be 70 restaurants, bowling

The creatures on the ocean floor

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Many creatures living in deep water have a strange shape, making many people afraid. Despite its snake-like appearance, this is exactly a starfish. It is widely known as the “snake tail”. This species usually lives in deep water, about 200 m below sea level. In the photo, a snake-tailed starfish in French

Visit Japanese roots

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Takachiho is a famous Japanese spiritual tourist spot. Many Japanese people believe that the land of the rising sun originated from this place. Sacred canyon Takachiho is a canyon located in Miyazaki prefecture (Japan). The Takachiho Gorge area is the birthplace of many myths and is believed by the Japanese to