The most beautiful highways in the world

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Based on the natural scenery from the ocean to the lush green forests and breathtaking waterfalls along the boulevard, page 10 Most Today showcases the most beautiful highways in the world. Milford Street (New Zealand): This 230-kilometer road connects Te Anau with Milford Sound, which used to be the studio

The land to welcome the earliest autumn in Japan

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Daisetsuzan National Park (Hokkaido) is the place to welcome the earliest autumn in Japan. From mid-September, the canyons and forests here are almost covered with yellow and red leaves. Usually, October-November is the most brilliant time of autumn in Japan. However, nature in Daisetsuzan National Park turned yellow and red earlier

The train leads to the ends of the Earth

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On the Tren del Fin del Mundo train, visitors will be taken to the southernmost city called the end of the world. Located in southern Argentina, Ushuaia city possesses a beautiful and colorful natural landscape. This land also attracts tourists to relax by its special location: the last point at

Traces of the asteroids hitting the Earth

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Around the world, many falling meteorite spots have become famous tourist places, attracting visitors. Chicxulub hole (Yucatan, Mexico): This is considered to be the most famous meteorite hole in the world. The collision between the asteroid and Earth created the Chicxulub crater, which killed the dinosaurs. According to CNN , the latest study

Where humans and leopards live in harmony for more than a century

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Located near Aravalli Hill, surrounded by corn fields, Bera, in the state of Rajasthan, impresses visitors with its wild beauty. Shatrunjay Pratap, a wildlife conservationist, says leopard sighting rates in Bera are 90%. About 50 leopards live here, in the rocky outcrops between the cultivated fields and the thorny desert dust .