The last traces of dinosaurs

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After millions of years, what remains of the dinosaurs are giant skeletons and ancient fossils. This skeleton belongs to the T-Rex dinosaur named Sue. It has been around for 67 million years. Since 2000, Sue’s skeleton has been on display in many cities around the world. In the photo, Sue’s skeleton at

Isolated land in Africa

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Lake Abbe has a desolate landscape, fancy limestone blocks. With the geothermal activity going on, scientists predict this place will spawn a new ocean. Lake Abbe stretches on the Ethiopian – Djibouti border and is surrounded by a arid desert. This place is one of the most special and inaccessible waters

The beauty of the modern pyramids

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The image of ancient Egyptian pyramids inspired modern structures built from glass and steel. Louvre Pyramid: This pyramid is the work of famous architect Leoh Ming Pei, located in the middle of Napoleon courtyard of Louvre museum (Paris, France). The building was built of glass and metal in 1983.

Photo of ‘swimming toad’ wins close-up of the year

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The art of using light has helped photographer Juan Gonzalez faithfully reproduce the body contours of two water-measuring stink bugs. This species is also known as the water scorpion because of its similarity in appearance. The gecko’s eyes made many viewers shiver. This is the work of Bernhard Schubert. He took a

The loneliest pine tree in the world

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Located on New Zealand’s Campbell Island, the pine’s closest “neighbor” is nearly 300 km away. It is the Sitka pine tree, the native plant species of the northern hemisphere. Plants live far away from their own kind and relatives. Even the nearest tree, on the Auckland archipelago, is nearly 300 km