First Happiness Museum in the world

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The Museum of Happiness is opened in Copenhagen (Denmark). This is the first place in the world dedicated to geography, politics, history and the future of happiness. Between a pandemic outbreak and a growing global anxiety, the Copenhagen-based Institute of Happiness opened the world’s first museum dedicated to this fleeting

A couple of 12 years taking their children to travel the world

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Right from the moment of birth, the three children have been taken by their parents to many places and there is always a balance between traveling and studying. Marlene and Dan Lin met during college. They bought a home in Ventura, California and followed the “traditional lifestyle” until their first

7 abandoned castles in the world

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Once known for their wealth, many castles around the world are now in ruins. Their beauty is a testament to their past glory. Kilchurn Castle, Lochawe, Scotland: In the 13th century, Kilchurn Castle was an energy center of Scotland. At the end of the 16th century, the castle was transformed into a

The dominant hobby of the super rich

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With huge sums of money, the super-rich can make the impossible a reality. A private dinner for $ 300,000 took place in New York City. The banquet table includes 8 dishes prepared by world famous chef Eric Ripert. More than 9 months is a time to convince Eric Ripert, who rarely does private

Top most beautiful beaches 2020

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Cuba, Brazil, Florida, Italy, Spain and even the United Kingdom – that’s where you’ll find favorite places to visit. Each year TripAdvisor updates the list of the world’s top beaches. How many of them have you visited? Each year, TripAdvisor publishes a list of the most idyllic beach spots,