Resort India turns swimming pools into aquariums

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A luxury resort in the south of India becomes a fish farm to save the business crisis plunged by Covid-19.

Normally, the 150 meter long swimming pool at the Aveda resort in Kerala state (India) is always packed with European tourists. However, now, inside this lake are thousands of karimeen (a species of fish native to many along the east and southwest coasts of the Indian peninsula).

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Aveda Resort (India) makes use of the swimming pool to raise fish. 

The Aveda complex was forced to close in March when a nationwide blockade was enforced. Since the shutdown, very few hotels in India have been allowed to reopen. Among those still closed, not many swimming pools with a capacity of 7.5 million liters of water could be put into use instead.

“We have no revenue, so in June we put about 16,000 2-month-old karimeen in the tank,” Jyotish Surendran, Aveda’s general manager, told AFP .

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This resort ‘s swimming pool fish farming is receiving the attention of the community.

It takes about 8 months for the fish to reach the desired size. This fish is a popular ingredient in Southern Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. “We plan to harvest the fish in November and will export it to the Middle East,” Surendran said. He also predicts that about 4 tons of swimming pool karimeen could be worth $ 40,000 in the market.

The temporary farm will not be enough for Aveda to compensate for the damage caused by the pandemic, which has caused many hotels to fail. Surendran, however, hopes that the money will help cover basic bills so the business can continue operating until the tourists return.

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After being able to pick up the guests again, the Aveda wished to continue keeping fish, but not in the pool. 

Aveda plans to keep fish even if business resumes. “We cannot continue to keep fish in the swimming pool, but Aveda is trying to find other land where we can launch bigger projects,” Mr. Surendran said.

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