Strange island in the Philippines

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Vulcan Point is an island in the middle of a lake. This lake is on top of a volcano – which is located in a larger lake. They are all located in the middle of an island in the Pacific Ocean.

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Located about 50 km from the Philippine capital Manila, Vulcan Point is an island “located in a lake (Lake Main Crater) on an island (Taal Island) located in a lake (Lake Taal) in a large island (Luzon Island)” best of the world. 
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This is also one of the cones of an active Taal volcano – a famous destination before the eruption in early 2020. 
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The geologic feature of this area is like an interlocking matryoshka doll, created from volcanic activities since ancient times.
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Seen from the Tagaytay range, Taal volcano and lake create a breathtaking scene.
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Vulcan Point attracts visitors thanks to its location on the most beautiful sightseeing route on Luzon Island, as well as its interesting location.
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After arriving at the shores of Lake Taal, tourists often take a boat to Taal volcanic island, then hike or ride a horse to explore around. 
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In January of the year, Taal volcano erupted, killing 39 people.
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The eruption also caused the lake to temporarily dry up and disappear. Regular tours will not run during the rehabilitation of the area. 

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