The dominant hobby of the super rich

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With huge sums of money, the super-rich can make the impossible a reality.

A private dinner for $ 300,000 took place in New York City. The banquet table includes 8 dishes prepared by world famous chef Eric Ripert. More than 9 months is a time to convince Eric Ripert, who rarely does private events.

That dream dinner wasn’t even a major milestone or birthday anniversary. Simply the wife of the great fan Eric Ripert.

Service makes the impossible come true

The super rich travelers can afford to go anywhere and do anything. However, in order to fulfill the more difficult requests, the elite rely on a team of highly skilled, adaptive and creative travel experts.

They come from special help service companies that specialize in catering to the super-rich, including Element Lifestyle (USA). In the summer of 2019, the company organized a visit to the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican for a family from New York (USA).

This is the most famous chapel in the Apostolic Palace, specializing in organizing cardinal conferences to elect the new pope. About 75,000 USD is the cost for 6 members to step in here and admire the art of Michelangelo.

Black Tomato Company once met a Hollywood-style Indonesian tour for $ 665,000 . A Hollywood cinematographer who made blockbusters like “Star Wars” and “Death Black Hole” was invited. The mission is to return a 6-week boat cruise for a family.

British travel superhero 1
In Iceland, Black Tomato made a dream proposal a reality by hiding a diamond ring in an ice cave for the bride to explore.

To enjoy private space, a family of 4 Korean Americans wants to buy all 12 first class seats on a Korean Air flight to Seoul. Remote Lands’s Asian travel experts (based in the US) have helped them fulfill their wish for about 20,000 USD / seat.

Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato, said: “The only reason anything our customers want is possible is that we have an amazing network of partnerships around the world. They are the experts. can arrange everything “.

“Quite a lot of requests can be met if you know the right people. Super-rich travelers want to find people who can fulfill their wishes regardless of price,” said Catherine Heald, chief executive and co-founder. Remote Lands, share.

Morgan-Grenville, founder and CEO George, rarely gets outlandish requests. “While the client is determined to cross the line and experience what other people never have, I falter with some un-like claims,” ​​he said.

“For example, the client asked a famous chef to fly to Antarctica to make them an egg Benedict in a music space performed by world-class female vocalist.”

“A famous figure in the British Royal once asked to hunt and walk in the Himalayas. In 33 years, I have never seen such a silly request.”

Unique and private experiences

For the Red Savannah rich clientele, luxury is not as simple as going to infinity pools or glamorous spas. They look for one-of-a-kind and quirky experiences over conventional luxury.

“Private experiences are what makes the trip memorable. I think it’s one of the embodiment of luxury. In addition to personalization, the super-rich guests also value exclusivity,” Marchant added.

A few years ago, Black Tomato organized a trip for a charity from Canada, who had traveled many parts of the world including Hiroshima (Japan). After reading a book written by a survivor of the nuclear attack, the philanthropist was deeply influenced by his philosophy of life.

Black Tomato traced the author and arranged for customers to have dinner with his hero. The company also set up Blink, a service that provides accommodation tailored to its customers’ wishes. From the amount of fibers on the bed sheet to the transparency of the ceiling, travelers can design the perfect remote retreat.

A $ 100,000 luxury campground is built deep in the mountains of southern New Zealand, accessible only by helicopter. With a trip under $ 1.4 million , to reach a campsite in the valley in Peru, customers must travel by private train.

Travel super expensive 2
Dome tents are built on the Uyuni salt fields of Bolivia.

On the way, they also admire the elaborate fireworks display. “We set up remote places with no accommodation. Visitors are the first to spend the night there. The dawn or sunset you are watching from your bed is a moment no one has.”

During a trip to Mongolia in the summer, 2 wealthy customers want to visit Lake Baikal in Siberia for the day. This is the largest and oldest freshwater lake in the world. This derivative trip is difficult to do in a day. Weather can delay journeys.

They are likely to stay in Ulan-Ude or the island of Olkhon and not even reach the ground. However, at sunset, the helicopter and jet flight take off on time. Afterwards, they returned to their cozy bed at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar hotel at midnight.

Separate Journeys during the Covid-19 pandemic

Luxury tourism is changing due to the epidemic. Y.CO yacht rental company says that detached cruises are increasingly popular. For some upscale tourists, yachts sailing on a secluded cove are the definition of luxury, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Y.CO arranges a number of epic adventures over the years, including a journey across Norway for almost unlimited costs. “The project took months to plan,” said Charlie Birkett, Y.CO’s co-founder and CEO.

“We have mermaids give puzzles to guests, lead the children to join the quest for treasure in magical fairy tales.

Good travel superhero 3
Y.CO said customer demand increased by 50% since pandemic-related shutdowns began.

“We found customers want to explore remote areas and spend more time on board,” said Gary Wright, co-founder and president of Y.CO.

In addition, people are choosing the right destination for travel restrictions. Americans, for example, are more interested in French Polynesia. Europeans are headed to the Mediterranean again.

Similarly, Marchant says Black Tomato’s tourists are booking domestic road trips and staying longer in remote places. The elite are also taking monthly trips because they can work anywhere.

Private islands, yachts and jets are also in high demand. According to Morgan-Grenville, most of the customers often request for low-density residential rooms such as eco-zones and private villas.

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