The land to welcome the earliest autumn in Japan

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Daisetsuzan National Park (Hokkaido) is the place to welcome the earliest autumn in Japan. From mid-September, the canyons and forests here are almost covered with yellow and red leaves.

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Usually, October-November is the most brilliant time of autumn in Japan. However, nature in Daisetsuzan National Park turned yellow and red earlier because this place is in the Hokkaido region, located in the northernmost part of Japan. 
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Daisetsuzan National Park is famous for its unspoiled scenery, forests, and dreamy beauty of hot springs. There are 3 large volcanic groups including Mount Asahidake – Daisetsuzan, Mount Tokachi and Shikaribetsu – Mount Ishikari. 
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Visitors who love trekking often visit the Daisetsuzan volcano cluster. From September, the nature in Daisetsuzan begins to change, the leaves turn yellow and red. The whole mountain slope is dyed a bright red in October. 
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If you are not strong enough to trekking but still want to see the beautiful Daisetsuzan from above, visitors can experience the Sounkyo Kurodake cable car. You will admire the view from the Soikyo hot water area to the top of Kuro. 
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There are many trekking routes for you to choose from when arriving in Daisetsuzan. The longest time is 4-5 days. Mountain climbers will enjoy the beautiful view of the road from Asahikawa to the top of Asahidake. There is also a palace to visit Lake Notoro-ko to the Shiretoko peninsula, Lake Akan through Kushiro Marsh to Tokachigawa hot springs.
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You can get to Daisetsuzan from Sapporo (Hokkaido) by train and bus. If you want to experience this large park, you should rent a self-driving car. 
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Here, visitors can choose to stay at Sounkyo Onsen, some of the major hotels at the foot of Mount Asahidake. 

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