The tallest building in the world through the clouds

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The scene of Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE) in the middle of the cloud is like a perfect masterpiece, created from the hands of man and nature.

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Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world up to now. This tower was completed in 2010, has a total of 163 floors with a height of up to 829.8 m. This can be seen as a symbol of the rich Dubai. 
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Many people still refer to the phrase “skyscrapers” when talking about super tall buildings. However, not many buildings can really touch the concept of “through the clouds” like Burj Khalifa. Photographers still regularly capture the moment when the tallest building in the world is half hidden, half visible among the clouds. 
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The question “whether Burj Khalifa can penetrate the clouds” really makes many people wonder, even though the countless photos have proven this. The tower is 829.8 m high while the low cloud layer (family C) is created at an altitude of less than 2,000 m. When the stratum clouds come into contact with the ground, they are called fog. Therefore, many people believe that Burj Khalifa does not really penetrate clouds, but only hidden in the mist.
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Under the dim lights of the night, Burj Khalifa looks like a precious Dubai jewel.
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In addition to the height, the total weight of the Burj Khalifa also surprised many people. According to statistics, it takes 100,000 elephants to equal the total weight of concrete used in the construction of the tower. Meanwhile, the total amount of aluminum used when building the Burj Khalifa is equivalent to 5 A380 aircraft. 
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Moving to the higher floors of Burj Khalifa is not as difficult as many people imagine. The elevator speed in this building is 10 m / s. Thus, you only take less than 1 minute to set foot to the observatory on the 12th floor. 
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Visitors to Burj Khalifa have to pay for tickets to go to the super high floors. Observatories on floors 124 and 125 are the most popular spots. You will have to pay about 60 USD / adult to get on the beautiful time frame (16-18h). Regular hours (9-15:30) cost 40 USD / adult. The highest floor is open to visitors to pay admission is 148. You need to pay 150 USD / adult during good hours and 100 USD for normal hours. 
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Burj Khalifa would have been usurped if the construction progress of the Jeddah Tower (Saudi Arabia) was completed properly in 2020. However, this work was interrupted in 2018. The investor revealed that it may continue. built this year. When completed, the tower will be 1,000 meters high. 

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