The temple is over 800 years old in Cambodia

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Visiting Ta Prohm in the relic complex of Angkor Thom (Cambodia), visitors will admire the image of a giant tree roots, zigzagging “swallowing” the temple below.

Cambodia is not only famous for the image of a massive Angkor Wat but also has the mysterious Ta Prohm temple attracting explorers from all over the world. The giant root system embraces the temple as a powerful symbol of nature. Traces of giant trees passing through the old tower’s wall or roof constitute a rare landscape. 
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Ta Prohm was built in 1186. Jayavarman VII, king of the Khmer empire, expressed ambition for a large temple complex inside Angkor. When it was first built, the place was much larger than it is now, literally a city with 12,640 people living inside the city wall and nearly 80,000 outside.
This is one of the few places in the Angkor area that has an inscription on people who have lived here. Ta Prohm is known to tourists as the best atmospheric ruins in Angkor. This place became famous when it appeared in the movie Tomb robbers in 2001. 
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The temple is completely devoured by the forest, unlike the other monuments. To prevent root growth from affecting the structure here, some trees were removed. This journey to explore this destination is like a strange adventure, searching for the lost temple still located in the jungle. 

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