What Asian country is ready to welcome international visitors after Covid-19

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The opening of tourism to foreign visitors in Asia is still quite complicated because the Covid-19 epidemic has not been completely controlled.

Many Asian countries are planning to revive economies seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Options have been discussed but could still be delayed if new cases emerge.


Thailand, Asia’s most attractive tourist destination, has yet to make a final decision regarding the opening. Previously, according to the Bangkok Post , the government intends to deploy “Phuket model” to gradually welcome international visitors back from October.

However, this plan is likely to fail because the locality recorded the first case of Covid-19 in the community after 3 months. The representative of the Tourism Authority of Thailand is expected to come to Phuket to discuss epidemic prevention and control measures.

If the situation is under control, Phuket could host as many as 200 visitors from Australia and New Zealand. These individuals should be tested negative in their home country and subject to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Phuket.

Thailand tourism has not been back to normal.

On September 10, The Thaige r reported that the plan “Phuket model” could be extended to the whole country. This means that Phuket will not be the only locality to pilot the return of international visitors. However, it is unlikely that other provinces across Thailand will agree to participate in this plan.

Currently, the Ministry of Tourism and Finance of this country is meeting to finalize the list of eligible countries to Thailand. “We need to accept the risk of the Covid-19 case reappearing if we open up. However, the impact of the epidemic can be limited by appropriate risk management measures,” said Yuthasak Supasorn, General Thailand Tourism Authority said.


In Indonesia, Bali is considered by tourists as a resort paradise. This is the locality that performs the epidemic prevention better than the rest of Indonesia – the country with the highest number of deaths due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Asia.

In May, Aljazeera newspaper analyzed the reason why the number of Covid-19 cases in Bali was so small. One of the reasons given is that Balinese cuisine has many herbs that have the ability to strengthen the immune system. Before rumors that Bali falsified the case and death data, Aljazeera stressed that “it is very difficult to hide in an island of such size”.

As expected, Bali can open to international visitors from September. However, since the end of July, the number of Covid-19 cases here has been dramatically high due to the government opening to tourism to other regions. Indonesia.

“Epidemiologists and health experts consider that tourism in Bali has increased the likelihood of infection. In addition, the sudden increase in the number of Covid-19 cases indicates shortcomings in prevention. , anti-epidemic and traceability of Indonesia “, reported ABC News .

In the past six weeks, the number of new cases in Bali has increased about 3 times, to 116 people. This may delay plans to bring foreign tourists back to Bali indefinitely.

Hong Kong (China)

The number of Covid-19 cases in this special region has decreased significantly in recent years. Since September 4, restaurants, entertainment and sports centers have been loosened the order to stretch the society.

According to SCMP , Hong Kong can deploy a “tourism bubble” model with 11 countries, including Vietnam. The concept of the tourist bubble has been mentioned a lot since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

tourist attraction 2
The “tourism bubble” could help Hong Kong revive its tourism industry.

This is a measure to help safety travel, avoid spreading the virus. Visitors from bubble countries or territories can travel back and forth without isolation. However, the countries in the bubble are not allowed to allow “unknown sources” into their territory to avoid spreading the disease.

Hong Kong hopes the successful deployment of the tourism bubble will save the aviation, hotel and tourism industries in this special zone.


The government of cherry origin has not yet allowed international tourists to this country. However, they plan to open the border to professionals, business people and workers from 8 countries (including Vietnam). After that, the other two subjects, international students and tourists, will be considered.

Japan requires visitors to have a negative PCR test of their country for 72 hours. Upon arrival, the visitor has to pass another test and is placed on quarantine for 14 days.


“Paradise resort” Maldives has almost no measures to control the epidemic. They allow tourists to resort from July 15 without isolation, testing negative.

However, since September 10, this rule has been changed since early September. The official website of the UK Government states “there is a limit to entry into the Maldives”.

Accordingly, from September 10, tourists and short-term visitors must present a negative PCR test for Covid-19 upon arrival at Covid-19. Quarantine facilities have also been established to deal with suspected cases.

Tourism accounts for a large proportion of the economy of this country. However, the number of visitors to the Maldives has decreased by about a third since July 15. In addition, the number of Covid-19 cases in the Maldives has increased by about 1,000 cases just in the past week. The total number of infections here has reached more than 8,000.

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