Yellow-leaved forest on the 48-bend road in Japan

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Visitors who want to reach the famous Chuzenji lake will have to cross the 48-bend Irohazaka Pass. This pass is the most beautiful in autumn. The forests on both sides of the pass turn a beautiful red-yellow color. Visitors often stop at the pass to capture the majestic beautiful scenery taken from above. 
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The pass consists of 2 separate paths up and down. The down road has 28 curves with a stop where you can see the waterfall. The 20-turn ramp is only available for vehicles going up to the Akechidaira Plateau. 
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To admire the majestic panorama of mountains and forests, many photographers choose a shooting angle from above to capture the autumn moments on the Irohazaka pass. 
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Another location that allows visitors to enjoy the panoramic beauty here is the Akechidara Observatory. To reach this observatory, visitors will take a cable car. From here, you will admire Kegon waterfall, Ryuzu, Lake Chuzenji. Cable car route is 3-5 minutes long, ticket price 750 yen / person (~ 165,000 VND). 
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During the fall adventure through Irohazaka Pass, you cannot miss Kegon waterfall. This waterfall is a famous destination in Nikko area. 
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Another place as beautiful as kego waterfall is Lake Chuzenji. The lake is located in Nikko National Park, formed by the eruption of volcano Nantai more than 20,000 years ago. The clear blue lake surface is surrounded by a carpet of yellow leaves, red leaves, creating an attractive autumn scene.

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